Isekai Tensei no Boukensha Volume 2 Chapter 17 (part 2)

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Chapter 2 – 17

Side Story – Gunjo City, Afterwards (part 2)

The catgirl sisters were surprised. Regardless of how small the horned rabbits were, it’s only natural to be afraid when surrounded by monsters, even ones only 40 cm big…… Not so long ago though, we had often traveled together with a very unnormal person.

“What should we do, Lilly?”

“That really big one, looks kinda tough but…”

Just as Milly said, the large horned rabbit seemed like a boss. It looked at them with a hateful smirk (or at least it appeared to anyways).

“Well if this is what it’s come to, let’s take down a boss!”

With that shout, the three of them became fired up, and attacked with the smooth teamwork they were so proud of. The result?


With a horrible final cry of agony, the boss went down easily and died.

“……What was that? He had a lot of attitude for how weak he was.”

“He was all bark and no bite.”

“No matter how big they get, a horned rabbit is still just a horned rabbit after all.”

For how psyched up they got, it was a rather unexpected outcome in the end.

The other horned rabbits too didn’t seem to have anticipated this.

“Nelly, Milly, the horned rabbits are stunned and unmoving! Now’s our chance!”

Lilly said. They took down the rest of the rabbits almost effortlessly.

“Welcome back. Wildcat Princesses.”

Flute, having recently become friends with us, welcomed us warmly as we entered the guild, dead tired.

” ” ” We’re back~, Flute-san……” ” “

“Huh? You guys are awfully tired today, aren’t you?”

Flute said. Right in front of her, I turned the magic bag upside down. Before Tenma had left the city, he had given us the magic bag. It’s a very useful tool for us and we treasure the bag itself.

“Wh-what is this? This many!”

Flute shouted out in surprise after seeing the huge number of horned rabbits (already drained of blood) that came out from the bag.

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Bystanders who were watching from behind started talking.

“Hey, look at that. It looks like if you hang around with Tenma, you stop being able to do things moderately after all.”

“No, that’s not it, it just becomes easier to run into monsters.”

“What is that thing, aren’t you jealous?!”

I could hear voices behind us talking. We ignored them and then explained what had happened to Flute.

“Is that true? Such a large horned rabbit, and for it to lead a group like that……”

I showed the dead body of the boss rabbit to Flute, who seemed a little doubtful.

“Let me call over the Guild Leader for a bit!”

she said, and the Guild Leader was brought over right away. The Guild Leader took one look at the body,

“That’s a King Horned Rabbit. I don’t know that much about them myself, but it seems even horned rabbits have King monsters too.”

he said, holding the rabbit up by one of its back legs.

“Even though this one became a king, he was still weak. They often get eaten by other monsters or beasts. Even if they’re weak, at least they’re pretty tasty.”

After he finished his explanation, he said he would leave the rest to Flute and went back to his own business.

“Flute-san, even if they’re just horned rabbits, taking down over 100 of them was hard!”

Even though it had been an unexpected situation for the guild as well, I felt like I had to get at least one complaint in.

“I’m really sorry about all this! This was completely a mistake on our part, we didn’t scout it out properly. Since it was just a group of horned rabbits, we thought it wouldn’t even amount to 20 of them.”

It turned out fine this time because they were just horned rabbits, but if it had been orcs, it could’ve gotten ugly and we might have died. It was something to be taken seriously.

“For now, please just give us the value of those rabbits. And a little bit extra wouldn’t hurt too!”

“Of course……You know Lilly-san, you somehow resemble Tenma a little.”

‘Is that really true?’ I thought, while we received our reward with a little bonus. We went back to our inn after that.

Lately we’ve been staying at the Full Belly Inn. The innkeep and his wife seemed to like us, and gave us first choice to stay in Tenma’s old room.

We had actually talked among ourselves about the room today. We argued about it a lot lately, but our conclusion in the end was,

” ” ” I knew it, Tenma is the worst! ” ” “

That always stopped the argument, almost like some kind of password.

I heard later on that there was another mistake by the guild similar to the one we went through. The guild employees decided to call taking down that many monsters “training” in the end.

Wildcat Princesses Update End

Gunjo City Knights Fourth Division Update

“There! Don’t get careless! You let your arm down that time!”

Recently, the General Captain has been in charge of the Fourth Knight Division. Personally, I’m glad that I’m able to do well during this training but, speaking as a Captain, I think it’s pretty embarrassing.

“Primera! Don’t play dumb, those two were downed over there, help sort it out!”

The embarrassment was due to the miserable scene spread out on the floor in front of me.

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My unit was mostly made up of nobles that were the third son/daughter or lower. I don’t really know the reason behind it. It could be that if I lead other greenhorns similar to me, we might be able to grow together, or at least that’s what I’ve come to believe lately.

So, I want to become stronger with the General Captain’s training, because I think it will help me get a little closer to Tenma’s level.

When I first met him, I was shocked. Despite looking like a child, the way he carried himself made it feel like he was a man experienced with battle.

I’m the third daughter of the Duke, so there’s no way I’ll be involved with matters of succession. I might have some inheritance rights, but as I have two older brothers and sisters I gave up on them pretty quickly.

Fortunately, father doesn’t seem interested in putting me into a convenient political marriage, and even if another noble were to try to negotiate a marriage like that, he could respond by saying ‘Primera lives to be a knight’……and then turn them down.

I’ve gone a bit off topic, but because I’m related to the Duke I’ve had many opportunities to see first rate soldiers and adventurers etc. ever since I was a child. Tenma somehow had the same air about him as those first rate soldiers…… No, at times, you could say that his was even more overwhelming.

When he argued with my subordinates, I somehow sensed Tenma’s growing anger and bloodlust. It was a mistake, but I wasn’t able to move then.

After that, I had a few more chances to meet him. I ended up forgetting he was younger than me every time, and it only made my respect for him stronger.

Seeing me speaking to Tenma in such a respectful way, the other Captains would often comment, ‘Which one is the noble here, again? And also older too, hmm?’ and other jabs like that.

I guess it’s kind of inevitable it would turn out like that. Anyways, he somehow made enemies with the people the noble had employed, and then had a perfect win without a single scratch. After that, he took all of us on and we were no match at all.

With that very thought on their minds, the nobles in my division were all on their hands and knees on the ground.

“Okay, that’s enough for today. Get some proper rest, so you won’t be tired for tomorrow!”

said the General Captain as he left the training grounds.

“Is everyone alright?”

I asked. I heard them reply ‘We’re fine~’ in a stupid sounding voice.

The members of the fourth division were often made fun of by the other divisions, but lately, after seeing them go through this kind of extra hard training, their opinions seemed to have improved, and some even came around to give them earnest advice.

Considering the change in attitude, maybe Tenma slamming our top knights was just the medicine they needed in the end. Some of my division might have a lot of pride, or even a sense of arrogance particular to nobles, but I haven’t seen any of that recently.

If things continue on like this, my fourth division might not just simply be the luggage division anymore. I think that the day they become a fully-fledged knight division might not be so far away…… I can only hope that there are no casualties before that.

That was my sincere wish, while I watched my subordinates still crawling around on the ground.

Gunjo City Knights Fourth Division Update End

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Read the webnovel Isekai Tensei no Boukensha v2c17 (volume 2 chapter 17) online light novel english translation for free at fourslimes . com

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