Isekai Tensei no Boukensha
(The Adventurer Reincarnated into Another World)

Ootori Tenma, a man who lost his parents and was raised by his grandpa and friends in the countryside, loses his own life at the age of 25. Suddenly, a god of a different world calls out to him. Tenma ends up being liked by multiple gods of reincarnation, receives multiple cheats from them, and then goes on to live a second life in another world.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Adapted to Manga, Adventurers, Alchemy, Cheats, Death of Loved Ones, Depictions of Cruelty, Dungeons, Golems, Magic, Monster Tamer, Overpowered Protagonist, R-15, Reincarnated in Another World, Slaves, Time Skip

Middle-Aged Adventurer Kein’s Good Deed
(Ossan Boukensha Kein No Zenkou)

Kein, a middle-aged adventurer, found a very rare item, the 『Resurrection fruit』 in the middle of his everyday routine herb gathering. He contemplated selling it for a lot of money, but suddenly met a girl looking for the fruit, to save her companion’s life. She reminded him of Altena, his childhood friend who had passed away, so he gave it to her in exchange for a paltry sum.
In truth, the girl was actually the strongest adventurer Anastrea, known far and wide as the ‘Sword Princess’. The next day, the lowly D rank Kein suddenly received an invitation to join an S rank party… he managed to defeat a terrible and strong monster and miraculously gained lots of money… and finally recieved a confession from a 13 year old saint.
Kein’s previously simple life had changed completely because of his encounter with Anastrea.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance
Tags: Adapted to Manga, Adventurers, Beautiful Female Lead, Childhood Friends, Demon Lord, Demons, Elves, Goddesses, Kingdoms, Loli, Male Protagonist, Royalty, Sudden Strength Gain, Weak Protagonist

Yakusouen de Kissaten wo Akimasu!
(Opening a Teashop in the Herbal Gardens!)

Yuuna has stumbled from Earth into another world. Stepping forth into this new place, she met an elderly cat lady.
Five years ago, this cat lady had opened a tea shop surrounded by a garden of herbs.
Because of the physical problems related to her age, the old cat lady couldn’t continue running the teashop. In her place, Yuuna decided to re-open the shop, which had been so well-known for it’s super fluffy pancakes.
While keeping in contact with all her cherished customers, Yuuna tries to find the place where she belongs in this heartwarming, slow life tale.

Genre: Fantasy, Shoujo, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Adapted to Manga, Female Lead, Restaurant, Heartwarming, Beastkin, Cats, Slow Life, Completed